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    I Worry

Too Light To Call It Night
Too Late To Call It Day.
I Feel I Cannot Fight,
But I Can Run Away.
I Feel the Fear Rise
So Fast Inside My Soul.
I See the Widened Eyes
Of Those Who Lose Control. ( Whoíve Lost )
Too Scared To Make a Move,
Too Weak To Start a Fight.
You Never Need To Prove
That Might Is Always Right.
Weíve Got No Time To Lose,
Get Me a Loaded Gun.
Iíll Put It Straight To Use,
Thereís Shooting To Be Done.

I Worry For the World That We Live In.
Itís Turning To Sheer Confusion.
Iím Fed Up With the Lies We Believe In.
Itís Time To Say Good-bye To Illusions.
Seeing No Star On The Black Sky,
Waiting For Death Just To Pass By.

Iím Sorry For the troubles I Gave You.
Iím Sorry If I Wonít Ever Save You.
Thereís No Place Left For Tears,
We Are Getting Over the Fears.
Weíre On the Road To Decision
Slowly Moving Out Of Nightmares Vision.

© 2001 Bestia Records All Rights Reserved

    Iíve Got Enough

Iíve Got a Black Mark On My Face
I Canít Feel Safe Behind The Door
Iíve Lost My Last Long Distance Race
Iím Crawling Breathless On the Floor.
Iíve Got a Hole In My Shoe,
And Iíve Got Nothing In My Head
Iíve Got a Girl, But Sheís Not You
I Had a Friend, But Now Heís Dead.
Iíve Got Two Pictures On the Wall
That Mean a Lot To Only Me:
A Racer Riding For a Fall,
A Swimmer In a Stormy Sea.
Iíve Got a Letter In My Box,
Itís Sad Enough To Make Me Cry
Iíve Got One Key to Many Locks
Of Many Doors Not Worth a Try.
Iíve Got Enough.
Iíve Got Enough.
Iíve Got the Music In My Ear
And In the Middle Of the Night
Iíve Got No Hope Left But Fear
While Waiting For the Morning Light.
Iíve Got Oneís Hand Deep In My Pocket
To Keep the Score Of Money Earned
Iíve Got a Verse For One To Mock It
Iíve Got No Time To Have It Turned.
Iíve Got Enough.
Iíve Got Enough.
  Solo: Gena G#F#, Ivan G#F#.
  Chorus Twice.

    The Last Day.
    Lyrics by D. Tsepov, M. Tinigina and John

  Verse 1:
The Last Daybreak of Unprotected Lips,
Claustrophobia of Closed Eyes,
The Melody of Silver Flute Today
For the Last Time Sounds for Us.
Weíre Recognized by the Sight of Hungry Veins
And the Crying Dead Birds in Our Private Space.
Nobody but White Hospital Walls
Will Remember the Pain in Our Face.
  Verse 2:
The Last Touch of Your Tired Hands,
Like Hatred to Marble DreamsÖ
The Iron Sting of Cruel Glass Wasp
Trembles a Bit in Your FingersÖ
Are You Ready?
I am
Are You Ready?
Are You Ready?
Iíll do it Myself!
Are You Ready?
  Verse 3:
A Cold Rubber Tail of a Dead Snake
Clamps Instantly Above The Elbow.
Listen, like the Crystal of Falling Ampules Shakes
The Air and Beats the Rhythm of the Last Day.
The Day Goes Off & Nightíll Come,
Let Yoí Terrible Faces Go Away.
Precipice is just Behind the Wood, We Run On the Edge,
One More StepÖ Good-Bye!

©2002 Bestia Records. All Rights Reserved.


    Time To Die. (Evil)

  Verse 1:
One Day Youíre Working Like a Dog,
Another - Sleeping Like a Log,
And In Between Youíre Eating On The Run.
No Time To Go For a Walk,
No Friend To Have a Real Talk,
And After All Your Lifeís Not Full Of Fun.

  Chorus 1:
Thereís Nothing Left To Go On For,
Nobodyís Knocking On Your Door.
You Grow Old, Time Really Flies,
No Mercy In The Strangersí Eyes.

  Verse 2:
And Every Shelterís Been Denied,
There is No Place For You To Hide,
And Consolation Seems Just To Have Died.
Some Dreams Are Staying On Your Mind,
The First One - Love, You Cannot Find,
All Those Who Said They Loved In Fact Just Lied.

  Chorus 2:
Thereís Nothing Left To Go On For,
Nobodyís Knocking On Your Door.
And Stone Hearts Donít Ever Cry
When Time Runs Out, - People Die.

  Verse 4:
The Rest Of Us Wait For The Day,
When All The Clouds Clear Away,
And Birds Will Sing Again High In The Sky.
Itís Up To You Which Way To Choose,
But You Should Know If You Lose,
No One Will Save You When Itís Time To Die.

©2001 Bestia Records. All Rights Reserved.

    To a Friend.
    Mussa Jalil

  Part I
Donít Take it Hard, My Friend, This Too-soon Exit.
Immortal LifeÖ Who Bought, Or Made a Deal?
You See, the Kind of Life a Fellow Chooses
Marks off His Years and on Them Sets Its Seal.

But Time Itself, Between Your Birth and Death,
Is Relative, an Aspect of Your Day.
Our Blood, Outpouring, Might Be a Beginning
Whose Deathless Wonder Time Shall Not Allay.

I Swore an Oath: I Swore Iíd Give My Life For
My People, Country - All That They Imply!
For This, Though Years By Hundreds Lay Before You,
Now Wouldnít Even You This Moment Die?

Through Night of Endless Dark, One Waits the Dawning:
So I, For News of Home, In This Grim Hell.
But If a Whisper Reach Me From My Birthland -
And I on Foreign Soil - What Strength Upwells!

  Part II
To Save My Skin at the Expense of Honour:
No, Better Let Me Die! What Would Remain
Of Life Indeed, if Your Dear Motherland
Could Spit Right in Your Face - the Face of Cain?

Such ďHappinessĒ as That, I Have No Need of.
Far Better, Death - No Wrong is Meant, I Swear.
But in My Homeland to Become a Stranger
So Even Water is Begrudged Me There!

Old Fellow, See, Our Life is the Minutest
Of Sparks - Our Undefeated Country is so Vast.
Like Sparks We Die, Go Out - From Death so Fearless
Will Blaze a Light Transcendent, Unsurpassed.

This Death Will Put Its Mark on Loyalty,
And as to Courage - All Our Land Will Know.
Dear Friend, and isnít it the Culmination
Of Our Young Lives? Thereíll be No Bigger Show.

If Weíre Cut Down so Young, Like Growing Saplings,
Our Roots without Our People Still Will Grow.
And Youngsters Say: As Brave As That, Thatís Something!
Death Must be Met by Everybody - SO!

October 1943, Translated by Gladys Evans

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