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Hey, You, Mother Fuckers!

    No more eating shit and listening into BS, cause youve got here.
    So we are all here!!! Yeah! Good fucking morning! Shake your balls! Youre not fucking dreaming!
    It is a time to turn all the volumes to 11!
Its a Heavy Fucking Metal Band by the name BESTIA!
    And thats me. I am Ivan, Yvonne or John whatever.
    Geezzz, Ive been fuckin playing guitar for about 25 years, and I stick with these crazy dudes (Nick, Gena and everyone, who has played with us, going party, fuck groupies, drinking to death ) for more than 13 years! Oops, I just said 13? Thats right it is! BESTIA band is 13 years old, - fuckin baby! Well, I have lost my virginity at 12, So we are not suckers anymore! We just gotta kick yo fat ass with our powerful new album, which coming soon!
Are you ready for die fucking? Wow what a maniac you are! Cool!
    So what Ive been talking about? - Sex, Alcohol, RocknRoll Oh, yeah!
    The first one: I do that to all my sweeties, all who is the hot pussy, ones that are best looking and the most willing to be my sex slave slut. Am I bad? Fuck off! Do not tell me you wont have sex to the best girl in the world! So if you dont fuck girls, than you are fucking fag cock suckers! You Fag Mother Fucker! Well youve got luck, - you can fuck yourself! Ha-ha-ha! I am so sorry if you are the girl, and have to read that bullshit. You dont have to fuck your girlfriends What the fuck I am talking about! Get me a shoot!
    To tell ya the truth: everything here is for Sex. And Money. And you need stupid money for sex. That is the theorem!
    Something else? I just live my life to be happy! Weve been thinking to have all the best girls in the world anyway, you can send us yo pictures, show us your great tits while our live show (it is one of the best part of the shows), or give me a blow job!
    About Alcohol: Dont you ever overdrink or overdose, - you may meet God or Demons. We all wont see that yet. I do not like to have more than 1 liter of strong liquor, cause next morning even if it was great fucking 12 years old scotch or your favorite Russian Vodka - you know. Drugs. Well, I dont really do drugs. I dont drink beer also. I dont like the taste and feeling of that. Here you go, you may say, that I am not a real rocknroll guy. OK. Fuck you too! This is my lifestyle: having five-six days non-stop all night up parties; kicking asses of some whores, and have them go home at 3a.m.; burning off the amp by playing into it for 12 hours; swimming with nude girls after the show Ive got it all!
Now ya tell me what is RocknRoll for me?!?! Theres so much talking!
    Oh, shit, I forgot, - my birthday! It is April 20th. So send me something. It may be your underwear, or check of money, or I dont know! - you think about!
    We have the official birthday of Bestia Band: it is August 14th.
    What else to tell ya? Im really happy to know that youve been on that stupid page, so you go leave yo message for me.
    Ill be pretty happy see all of you on our next show. Well blow you away! Dont fuckin miss it!
We will give ya an info about things with our new album. So stay in touch, - check the news. By now, I can say, that it will be the Best Fuckin Heavy Album in Ukraine & Russia And Well kick some ass! I promise!
    I do love all of you, ass holes! We will stand up and shout! Well fight! Well ram it down! Fuck! Fuck! And Fuck again!

2003 Bestia Records. All Rights Reserved.


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