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New structure:

  Ivan Belousov - Vocal/Guitar
  Gennadiy Grimov - Guitar
  Alex Davidov - Bass Guitar
  Nick Tinigin - Drums

guest book

    Now you are on the official site of Bestia, - one of the Best Heavy Metal band of Ukraine and even formed Soviet Union! It’s good to see ya! Fourteen years these guys are making real noise on the edge of Heavy, Thrash Metal, some of Techno-Thrash and Neo-classic Rock, giving a lot of fun to their fans, to everybody who just loves tough sound. Bestia gave hundreds of the show, but you can’t find any CD at all…And fortunately, it’s very and very soon you may have one! Bestia got their own Record Label and they are working hard on the new album that will contain between 25 and 30 tracks. That should be two new albums at the same time! Stay tuned.

    May16 th Bestia and Aria (the best heavy metal band of Russia) will give a show in Nikolaev city stadium. Be there! You're going to be blown away by what you hear.
    April 27th is a day of the final mix for Wings Of Fantasy - the first song from this album! It’s ready to kick yo’ ass!!! And it is a very good gift for Davidoff’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Sanya!
Call: +38 067 9800760
+38 0512 253791

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